Making Lemonade

A weekly newsletter for people wanting to squeeze the most out of this thing we call life; lemons and all.

Sometimes, life gives you lemons. Sometimes, it’s sour and bitter and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. And sometimes, it burns everything you love to the ground and you have to start again, from scratch.

After spending years travelling the world, writer and creative mentor, Cassie Wilkins, ended up crashlanding in Western Australia, where she has spent the last five years building a life while navigating identity crises, visa woes, bereavement, grief, family drama, lockdowns, and losing - and rebuilding - her career.

Making Lemonade is a deep dive into everything it means to be human in this world today, and how sometimes all we can do is seek out the tiny things that bring us joy, put one foot in front of the other, and trust that it'll all make sense, eventually.

It’s also the newsletter she wishes she’d had when she was going through her darkest days.

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Creating Lemonade

Creating Lemonade is Cassie’s ode to creativity as a tool we can all use to create ourselves a better life.

After writing weekly essays for more than seven months here on Substack, she realised there is one single thread underpinning every area of her life: creativity. And so, Creating Lemonade was born.

The culmination of a lifetime of embracing creativity and a decade of running creative businesses, Creating Lemonade is a weekly Substack dedicated to creativity and how we can use it as a tool to create a better life for ourselves.

A way to bridge her creative mentoring services, workshops and writing practices, Creating Lemonade will cover topics like building a creative practice, cultivating a creative mindset, and even touch on turning our creativity into a business and selling our art.

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Who am I?

I’m Cassie. I’m a writer, creative mentor, dreamer, photographer, adventurer, cat mum, recovering nomad, and lover of road trips, life, and the planet.

I'm also an eldest daughter navigating losing a parent to young-onset Alzheimer’s and the resulting family fall-out from the other side of the world.

After spending the last 11 years building a creative career - and learning pretty much every single lesson the hard way - I now run creative mentoring and creative business mentoring sessions, and writing workshops to help people skip-over the sticky, icky stuff and get straight to the lemonade.

For more more info about me, my creative mentoring services, my writing portfolio, and my writing and creativity workshops, check out my website.

You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook and sign up here for updates.

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Finding ways to make lemonade in a world filled with bitter lemons


Writer, wonderer, (recovering) wanderer. Long-distance Alzheimer’s daughter and creative mentor. After seven years of living on the road, my world fell apart, and now I'm using my words to weave me a new one 💫🍋