Happy birthday! I hope it was a good one! 📚🏞

As for your recap... whew! Talk about a journey!! Or so many journeys throughout your 20s. Each of those years definitely deserves a post on its own. 👏🏼

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Thank you! It was lovely in the end - I went for a sunset swim and then nature turned it on with an epic lightning show and some much-needed rain, so it felt like a lovely little gift and a way to make what was otherwise a "normal" day a little more special 😊

And thanks for reading the recap! This one felt a little more self indulgent than my usual posts but I find it so fascinating reading the stories of other people's lives so I thought I'd share mine too - especially now it feels like more and more people are choosing to go on extended trips/live on the road/move overseas for different reasons.

Though honestly, the next part about why I stopped travelling full-time and adjusted back into a settled life is even more interesting to me, now. The dream of travelling full-time or living overseas in an "exotic" place is something a lot of people share, but the reality about what happens when you stop/go "home" is not talked about as much, so it's something I'm feeling really drawn to write more about at the moment.

Deep down, my main hope for most of this writing I'm doing at the moment is that one day it might help someone going through similar things feel less alone and help them see light at the end of the tunnel, and that feels like a pretty good guiding force 🥰

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Yeah, many people still dream that travelling fulltime is bliss, but I didn't read your piece like that. I just noticed that you've taken many journeys, to many culturally different places, and I think you might have tons of lessons and perspectives on them. But also, returning home is a challenge in itself, worth exploring in writing. :)

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